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your multi know-how experts team


Transportable Emergency Bridge "TEB"

Steel and/or light alloy bridge that can be road transported as an ordinary load, fully automated unloading and launching operations. Designed for temporary and/or emergency use.

The overall dimensions during the transport phase are:

12000 mm
2460 mm
3620 mm

The opening automatisms, formed by hydraulic pistons and structural hinges, allow both longitudinal and transverse unfolding in a fully automated way.

The applicability limits are:

Maximum distance between supports
23870 mm
Maximum useful carriageway
3850 mm
1st category

Field of application

In the event of collapse of a bridge or when a crossing is needed, it allows the restoration of vehicular traffic with modest interruption times, and shorter than those of other temporary structures.

Transport configuration

Opening scheme – transitory situation

Opening scheme – complete longitudinal opening

Opening scheme – transverse opening

Fully deployed configuration

Market applications

Description of products and services Type of customer Satisfaction by solution taylor made
Emergnecy bridge
Civil protection and emergency organisations
Restoration roads in short time
Pedestrian or road crossing
Municipalities oriented, for any reasons, to use a temporary bridge
Modification of ordinary roads for works for recontructions
Worksite crossing
Public or private companies who want to renovate roads and public services
Logistic crossing
Military or security use
For military use or military vehicles placing on inaccessible areas

Teb advantages of teb using

Advantages offered by the market application to the customer Technical components allow to make customer benefits Technological keys under tech parts
Semplified transportabilitie
“Compacting” and colisng system for TEB transportation by truck
Kinematics mechanical and tires
Quickly operational
Ground landing and set up by pneumatic mechanisms
Kinematics mechanical and tires
Little staff required
Remote ontrol sistem of set up phases
Positioning sensors and software for moving control
Easy stowage
Limited overall dimensions
Re use
Easy maintenance
Lower costs than other comparable temporary solutions