your multi know-how experts team

your multi know-how experts team


TEAMPEGASO FIRE FIGHTING SOLUTIONS download PDF BAG FOR FIRE FIGHTING BUCKET PVC FABRIC ORANGE gr./mq 1 .450 4F _030. 910 liters 4F _031. from 1000 liters 4F _032. 1200 liters FIRESOCK FOR BUCKETS FIRE FIGHTING BLACK 4F _033. 1000 liters – 33 holes 4F _035. 1000 liters – 35 holes  WEIGHT BAG FOR BUCKETS 4F […]

GSE Ground Support Equipment

TEAMPEGASO GSE Ground Support Equipment download PDF Mobile workshop Mobile workshops can be set up on different types of vans. Download the pdf to see some examples and contact us for more information Download PDF Trolleys for goods transport Download PDF For special needs/configurations please see the catalog Contact us


TEAMPEGASO "VECTOR" Contact us VECTOR Long Endurance Innovative Unmanned Airship for Surveillance and Security The project Vector is a remotely controlled Lighter Than Air (LTA) flying platform, adopting highly innovative technical solutions, in order to ensure operational effectiveness, low cost and ecological compatibility. The Project is strongly focused on the realization of an innovative high […]

Transportable Emergency Bridge “TEB”

TEAMPEGASO "TEB" Contact us Transportable Emergency Bridge “TEB” Steel and/or light alloy bridge that can be road transported as an ordinary load, fully automated unloading and launching operations. Designed for temporary and/or emergency use. The overall dimensions during the transport phase are: Length 12000 mm Width 2460 mm Height 3620 mm The opening automatisms, formed […]

Aircraft Tool Kit – eng

TEAMPEGASO AIRCRAFT TOOL KIT Contact us AIRCRAFT MODEL A318 – A319 – A320 – A321 TOOL KIT 46754-1000 PROTECTOR AXLE, MLG A318 – 319 – A320 – A321(depending on MSN, otherwise the applicablep/n is Q47316, different from F46754-1000) H47682 MLG SPANNER ADAPTOR A318 – A319 – A320 – A321(depending on MSN, otherwise the applicablep/n is […]